Q&A with Mark Thompson

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About the 285th Civil District Court

Bexar County

District courts are the primary trial courts in Texas-

Bexar County has 14 Civil District Courts, and has a ‚ÄúPresiding District Court” system.

Under this type of court system, civil cases are set for hearing in one court, known as the “Presiding District Court,” and then sent to another court that will hear the merits of the case.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you will not know what Judge will hear your case until the day of the hearing, when it is assigned by the Presiding District Judge. This also means that when your case is assigned to a Judge, that Judge might not be in court. It is critical for Judges to be present in court daily, so that they are available to hear your case, if it is assigned to them.

A Judge that is not present in their court room daily can cause delays in your case, increase your cost burden, contribute to the backlog of cases and increase the overall cost for justice.

How will I improve this issue, as your next Judge?

I will be present in court, to ensure that if a Presiding District Judge assigns your case to my court room, I will be there to protect your right to have your case heard, without further loss of work, financial or other burdens.